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Did Freddie Gray Have Drugs in his system at the time of his death? Recent reports are confirming that both heroin and marijuana in his system when preliminary toxicology reports were performed!

According to The Right Scoop,

“Sean Hannity interviewed someone identifying himself as a Baltimore cop who says the preliminary toxicology report on Freddie Gray tested positive for heroin and marijuana. Further, contrary to early reports, the cop says that he was observed in a possible drug deal before the cops tried to apprehend him.”

So add this report to the fact that Freddie Gray had a rap sheet a mile long and there is definitely probable cause to at least confront him to find out what he was doing.

Not only did he have a rap sheet a mile long,  he ran when he made eye contact with the cops. There is your reasoning as to how the altercation that lead to his unfortunate occurred.

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