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The so called objective reporter Ayman Mohyeldin who of course is employed by one of the most fact based news agencies known to man the great MSNBC, or as the great one Mark Levin likes to refer to them as “MSLSD”, has made the case for censoring speech in the United States to avoid offending Muslims!

This pathetic rhetoric is typical for the likes of MSNBC as they have become a bastion of liberal, hypocritical policy suggestions as well as figuring out ways to destroy the Constitution. What they fail to realize is that Islam is far from the only religion criticized in this country.

According to Brietbart,

“As though “The Book of Mormon” wasn’t currently running on Broadway; as though San Francisco doesn’t hold a blasphemous “Hunky Jesus & Foxy Mary“” contest every year; as though “Piss Christ” wasn’t funded by the American government; as though Hollywood didn’t spend billions producing one film after another trashing Christianity— without being challenged by anyone on “Morning Joe,” Mohyeldin  crybaby his lie about Muslims being singled out in America.”

The double standard that exists in this country with regards to the Islamic faith opposed to other faiths is utterly pathetic. Most other faiths today including all denominations of Christianity Mormons, and many other faiths throughout the world do not even come close to advocating the type of violence you see in Islam does. Additionally, these faiths are mocked and ridiculed constantly which would lead one to feel that violence from these faiths could almost be justified, yet they remain peaceful.

Move onto the Islamic faith which literally calls for death to the non-believer and we see so many in this country hold this religion in such high regard as to try and justify the killing that takes place in the name of freaking Allah. If Christians were killing in the name of Jesus we’d be getting rounded up in the streets. Bottom line is we in this country have the right to free speech whether the radical Islamic nut jobs agree or not! If you don’t like it then get the hell out of my country!

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