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It literally took less than 24 hours before the left took it upon themselves to turn the horrific Amtrak crash that occurred last night a political football.  It is absolutely pathetic that the left would take to morning TV on all of the major networks including CBS, NBC, and ABC to try and blame the republicans for the crash. There gripe is that republicans opposed increased spending on Amtrak which obviously must of caused the crash.  Before you get all emotional as the left would like you to, let’s take a quick look at just how inefficient Amtrak has been over the past years any why increasing spending would not have prevented the crash in the first place.

According to Bloomberg Business
Amtrak, the U.S. taxpayer-supported passenger railroad, is losing tens of millions of dollars a year on food and beverage service even after years of cost cutting, its inspector general said.
Almost all of last year’s $72 million in food-service losses were from providing meals on long-distance trains, Inspector General Ted Alves said in testimony at a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing today. Contracting out some functions has the greatest potential to stem losses, he said.

Here we have the inability for Amtrak, a government run agency, to simply provide food service on their trains. If they can’t get the food service aspect of train service down pat what makes you think they can efficiently and effectively run other aspects of a train operation. If private transportation carriers can manage to provide food services on their carriers whether it be planes, trains, or buses and still operate at a profit, why can’t Amtrak?  Apparently the private sector has the where with all to figure this out, but as with nearly all government run agencies there is no accountability because there are endless funds provided by you and me, the sucker tax payer.
Brietbart goes on to explain, 
Amtrak is not running at a very modest loss. Taxpayers are effectively conscripted into carrying passengers aboard the trains on sedan chairs. It’s all done with the opaque machinery of tax-and-spend, to minimize the pain and humiliation of the people who are compelled against their will, and economic reason, into keeping the system afloat… except when something goes wrong, and those people are castigated as greedy S.O.B.s for refusing to pay even more.
Big Government has a self-sustaining death-spiral logic:
1. Give us money, and we’ll keep bad things from happening;
2. Every bad thing that happens proves we need more money.
You may be wondering, what could possibly be the solution to this problem?  Well it’s really quite simple, privatize the entire damn railway system.  When you privatize something you ensure that entity becomes accountable to its customers and employees too.  If Amtrak were a private entity it would have been lucky to have survived just a couple of years as private entities cannot operate at such a ridiculous loss.  This is what happens when government runs thing!  No one is EVER HELD ACCOUNTABLE and when things go to shit they just need more time and more tax payer money to piss down the drain!
So the next time we see government complain that they haven’t had enough funding for a particular entity, take into account the efficiency with which that underfunded entity operates at.  If it operates at a loss then you have a valid argument to lobby for it to be privatized!
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