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We are constantly hearing about how we should have government funded college. We hear arguments like “so many of the European countries do it” and my favorite “I have a right to a free education.” What people who pose these arguments fail realize is that simply because the government says something is free doesn’t make it free. Who is going to pay the colleges, the maintenance staff, the professors, and so on and so forth? We are the taxpayer!

Bernie Sanders gives us his take on stealing taxpayer money to pay for extended high school via 
The Washington Examiner,

Speaking outside the U.S. Capitol, the Vermont senator called it a “national disgrace” that some students are deterred from pursuing college because of its cost and said it was “unacceptable” that college graduates postpone home purchases because of loan burdens.

This country is currently falling victim to a top down authoritarian federal government run school system that since it’s implementation has driven our standing in the world lower and lower. Our children are simply pawns in the indoctrination system. It used to be up to the parents to take care of their children and ensure they receive the proper education and the necessary skills to prosper when they get older. 

That duty has since been handed solely over to the federal education system and the parents no longer have any say as to what their children learn in school. If a parent is to so much as question the material being taught they are immediately shot down and given the bullshit excuse that the teachers and administrators know better what to teach and how to teach our youth.

As if they federal education system hasn’t done enough damage, they would like to prolong that damage by basically federalizing college essentially making it an extension of high school. And you may wonder, who is going to pay for it? You guessed it the SUCKER taxpayers.

The taxpayers are already on the hook for enough, and with Bernie Sanders approach, we will now be funding little government indoctrinated robots through mindless college studies that will leave us in greater debt and them no better ready to step out into the real world than if they never went to college in the first place.

-Young Conservative

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