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How ironic!! When the cops are away, the THUGS will play!! This is exactly what is taking place in Baltimore as the police force has had their hands tied since the debacle that occurred following the death of Freddy Gray. 

According to the Baltimore Sun,
At least 19 people were shot Tuesday and Wednesday, pushing the city’s nonfatal shootings more than 70 percent above the count at the same point last year. Baltimore’s 98 homicides this year are 42 percent higher than the same time last year.

It makes perfect sense, the pathetic mayor of Baltimore Stephanie Rawlings Blake has waged war on the police just as president Obama has been doing with his rhetoric widened the race divide ever since he took office.  They are on the same page with this as they both share the same sentiment, to demonize the local police departments in every big city across the country.  
They believe police are the reason that the inner cities are in such bad shape, they are reluctant to come to the realization that the real reason is the culture (or lack thereof) within the inner city ghettos.  The real reason the inner cities are in such bad shape is big government policies that have been wreaking havoc on these neighborhoods since the dawn of the modern progressive era back in the late 30’s and early 40’s.  
Baltimore Police commissioner state via the Baltimore Sun,
“It makes it very difficult to follow up on violence that takes place there,” he said. “Clearly, they’re not holding back. They’re getting to those locations and getting surrounded. You have many citizens with hand-held cameras that they’re sticking in the faces of officers, an inch off the officer’s face.”

Batts said police do not want to cause a “bigger issue” by sending in backup, but they want to “make sure the officers are safe and citizens are safe.”
It’s safe to say that Obama’s end game of creating a “civilian security force that is just as well funded as our military” is coming to fruition. Obama, along with his buddy in crime the pathetic Al Sharpton, are laying the groundwork for a federal takeover of local police departments as they continue to undermine them every step of the way.  You can also see this taking place in NYC as the former Sandinista communist mayor DeBlasio backed up the pathetic so called protesters every step of the way after results of the Eric Garner case were made public.

As you sit back and watch this unfold keep in mind that there is an end game at play here and Obama and his crew have an agenda they are pushing forward.  Many of these so called protectors aren’t truly protesters at all.  They are funded by groups led by George Soros and those like him who intend on seeing the demise of this country and the development of a socialist state in which we are all simply mindless subjects who exist to serve their “greater good.”
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