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Reason magazine has recently touched on a topic that has come to the forefront of politics as a whole, they spoke about a concept from economics referred to as the median voter. This concept is really quite simple as median is basically another term for middle, therefore this is referring to the voting block that resides in the middle.

Reason explains how a potential candidate for political office  may start far to the right or left and posses very staunch views he or she almost inevitably makes their way toward the center as an election approaches. This is due in large part to the idea of the median voter and the need for the potential cantidate to sway that ever growing voter block.

With so many politicians catering to special interests and current topics of the day such as government funded healthcare, gay marriage, the NSA, the Patriot Act, and I can go on; many millennials seem to be waking up to the idea of libertarianism.

This idea derived from the root word liberty is the idea that we need less government. It’s really quite simple! The government was instituted to serve a specific set of purposes the most important being to protect against enemies foreign and domestic. The youth today are beginning to wake up to the fact that government has out stepped it’s boundaries time and time again and the only way to reign it in is to vote in an individual with constitutional values and principles.

Reason also explains the impact many successful businesses like Google and Amazon are having on the youth of today! These successes are proving that the private market, not government, can spur much more innovation than government ever could.

Just look at the mess that Obamacare has turned out to be, had that been a private endeavor the website would of been working flawlessly. Take Amazon for example, they fulfill an almost unimaginable number of orders on a daily basis. Had a private sector corporation like Amazon been solely in charge of the healthcare website chances are it wouldn’t have had nearly the problems we witnessed with the Obamacare website!

Let’s just hope that as time goes on more and more millennials will continue to wake up to the overbearing government we are falling victim to. Let’s hope that as the younger generation wises up to what’s going on, they have the wherewithal to vote into office individuals that will restore this country to its founding core principals and the Constitution values!

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Reason / July 2015
Veronique de Rugy
Column: The Fight for the Millennial Voter

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