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Oh the irony! So often today high school and college age kids get wrapped up in the idea of socialism.  They idolize so called leaders like Che Guevara yet fail to understand the true plight of the middle class under this so called “Marxist revolutionary”.  Main stream media outlets are flooded with politicians speaking about how they care about the middle class all the while they are so far removed from the middle class they couldn’t relate even if they tried.

We hear about how they are going to bat for the middle class, when in reality they could care less about the middle class. A successful middle class would literally put them out of business.  The large, bloated government we have today has developed itself on the backs of middle class workers.

The infamous slogan once uttered by Louis Blanc in 1851 and made more popular Karl Marx,

“From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”

The teacher in this experiment decided it was time to teach his students the real effects of socialism.  The results were definitely eye-opening to the students and one can only hope this has a profound effect on them.  Hopefully they wake up to what we are facing as our government is headed down the road to socialism and far to many don’t even realize it!

The Federalist Papers outlines an experiment on socialism conducted by an economics professor at Texas Tech.

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