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It’s ironic how these types of things only seem to take place at events frequented predominantly by far left wing, liberal nut jobs. I’m not saying by any stretch that the gay marriage movement should be attributed to ISIS in any such way, what I am saying is that the group of more liberal, progressive gay rights activists, the ones found at many of these parades, have their heads so far down in the sand that they fail to even realize when they see an ISIS flag.

You can also attribute this to the ridiculous reporting from CNN in which they hardly even realized this was an ISIS flag in the first place.  Now this could absolutely be some jerk who decided to take advantage of the parade just to make a spectacle out of the flag, or it could be ISIS testing the bounds of how far they can push people all around the world.

Just look at what took place on the day gay marriage made it past the supreme court.  We witnessed three terror attacks around the world and no one batted an eye.  Far to many in this country are focused on the here and now and fail to realize what is really going on around the world. var _pop = _pop || []; _pop.push([‘siteId’, 750385]); _pop.push([‘minBid’, 0.000000]); _pop.push([‘popundersPerIP’, 0]); _pop.push([‘delayBetween’, 0]); _pop.push([‘default’, false]); _pop.push([‘defaultPerDay’, 0]); _pop.push([‘topmostLayer’, false]); (function() { var pa = document.createElement(‘script’); pa.type = ‘text/javascript’; pa.async = true; var s = document.getElementsByTagName(‘script’)[0]; pa.src = ‘//’; pa.onerror = function() { var sa = document.createElement(‘script’); sa.type = ‘text/javascript’; sa.async = true; sa.src = ‘//’; s.parentNode.insertBefore(sa, s); }; s.parentNode.insertBefore(pa, s); })();

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