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You want something in this world of ours to be offended and outraged by? Try researching the rape culture that is taking place throughout the #‎ISIS held parts of the middle east! We constantly hear bickering in this country about a “war on women” and how women are so disadvantaged and stomped upon.
Let’s put things into perspective, while there may be a difference between the opportunities afforded to men and women in some circumstances, anything that goes in here pales in comparison to what women are enduring throughout the Islamic state areas of the middle east! 

According to Trudy Rubin at
“People become numb to all these atrocities,” he said sadly. “There is war fatigue, with nothing but doom and gloom from Iraq and Syria.” He added that because people don’t know much about the Yazidi minority, “there hasn’t been the outcry of disgust you would expect.” Moreover, Muscati says, it’s hard for human-rights groups to “name and shame” a group that glorifies its own abuses and acts outside any norms.
But what about Mueller’s case? Here was a young American woman – kept as the personal sex slave of the Islamic State’s leader – who wrote in a smuggled letter that she would never “give in” to her captors. She refused a chance to escape lest she endanger Yazidi girls imprisoned with her to whom she had become a mother figure. A U.S. effort to free her failed, as she had already been removed from the site that American commandos raided.
Yet her tragic story has caused hardly a ripple in U.S. public opinion.
Perhaps Americans are perplexed that an American would risk her life to try to help Syrians. Or maybe most Americans are simply confused about what, if anything, they can do to halt the Islamic State atrocities in the Mideast.
So next time you decide you want to have a fit and get outraged about something try getting outraged about something that has serious implications on the well-being of thousands of poor innocent women. Move your outrage from your “trigger words” and “micro-aggressions” and focus on real issues in the world today!
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