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Look at these poor Syrian refugees surfing the web on their smartphones!! Wake up people we’re helping these so called refugees while ISIS continues to crucify, burn alive, and rape Christians throughout the middle east!!

Part of the muslim caliphate is to infiltrate the west and this is how they will do it! They’ve already taken over Europe as they now have “no-go zones” where they forbid the “kafir” or non-believer from entering! It’s only a matter of time before we see sharia law in America unless things change and change fast!!

We have a president who refuses to even refer to ISIS as Islamic let alone actually call out the radical islamists for the atrocities they are committing throughout the middle east. Don’t misconstrue my thoughts here either, it’s not just the Christians being persecuted, we are seeing muslims who aren’t “Muslim enough being killed, gays are being thrown off roof tops, women are being placed into rape warehouses, and I’m sure there are many atrocities going on the media refuses to even come close to reporting on.

The events that are unfolding right before our eyes are eerily reminiscent of what we witnessed with the rise of Hitler in Nazi Germany. The world stood idly by and refused to look evil in the face in the hope that they could somehow negotiate with evil and come out on the side of peace. We saw Churchill go as far as to meet with Hitler and claim we will have peace in our time. Have we learned anything from this grave mistake that led to the slaughtering of over 6 million Jews and others who dare go against the third Reich?

Fast forward and we are in the same exact situation! We are staring down an enemy determined to annihilate Israel and chants death to America! While all of this is going on Obama the Churchill of our day attempts to make diplomatic relations with the tyrants in Iran. To make things even worse nuclear proliferation is in the balance as the proposed Iran Deal would set the stage for a nuclear arms race in the middle east that could signify the beginning of WW3 or worse!

So as you sit there in your comfortable home on your iPhone and contemplate the meaning of same sex marriage, or whether or not we should be reading books to children to justify why Johnny has two daddies realize there are those out there plotting to wipe Israel and America off of the face of the earth! Realize that the individuals you elected to run this country and lead the free world are setting the stage for the islamization of the West and the end of life as we know it! Put things into perspective and understand that Bruce Jenner becoming Kaitlyn should be the least of our concerns and we all need to wake up and understand that we are at a tipping point in history! Which side of history will you stand on? Will you be able to tell your grandchildren you stood in the side of freedom?

-Young Conservative

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  1. hal09i September 19th, 2015 at 4:01 pm

    Agree with many of your points but your mixing up Winston Churchill with Neville Chamberlain. It was Chamberlain who met with Hitler and negotiated, and who also said that the results of this would bring “Peace in our time…”


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