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When will people in this country learn!? There is plenty of room in the various muslim countries throughout the middle east to house the Syrian Migrants yet it’s somehow up to those in the west to accommodate the muslims as they migrate into Europe and eventually the United States. And notice how I said migrate…
I say this because these islamists have no intention of ever returning to their homeland. If they were truly refugees they would be residing in Europe or the United States temporarily as that what refugees do. This president and those in government have no intention whatsoever of ensuring these individuals come here temporarily!

This is the fundamental transformation our president was speaking about some 7 years ago when he took office. Our president hates this country and what it is founded upon which is why he intends to change it. Couple that with the naivety of the American people who continue to buy into political correctness and you have a scenario that results in the complete deconstruction of our government, the Constitution, and everything this country once stood for!

-Young Conservative

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