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McCarthy stepping down from his candidacy for speaker of the house is exactly what this country needs! I love hearing those in the liberal media and the morons at MSNBC sit there and spew their filth about how the Republican party is in complete disarray. If you ask me I think the Republican party isn’t in enough disarray! We the people have been speaking and speaking loudly as we have been electing more and more conservative delegates to represent us in Washington and it’s about time we see them do what it is we sent them there to do.

In case you aren’t sure what that is, we sent them there to restore the Constitutional Republic that the founders of this country constructed over 200 years ago. We sent them there to reign in the federal government which under Obama has continued to usurp more and more power from the states and the American people as a whole. Finally we are seeing the beginning of what will hopefully be a change in the dynamic of the federal government, a change that will bring back limited federal power and a restoration of constitutional principles.

According to The Daily Signal,

When the House Freedom Caucus, which consists of around 40 House members, announced Wednesday that it would support Rep. Daniel Webster, R-Fla., that meant the frontrunner, Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., would likely fall short of the 218 votes he needed in the full House vote, which had been scheduled for later this month.

So, while 40 votes, give or take, isn’t enough to make someone the next speaker of the House, it is enough to ensure that someone won’t be.

Many of us sit and think what can I do, I’m only one person, my vote doesn’t really count for anything. Well I have news for you our votes do count for something and our voices are beginning to be heard! We have made waves in the House and Senate and the establishment is going crazy trying to make sense of it all! They are finally realizing that their time in the oasis is up and we the people are coming for them. Now is the time to strengthen our stranglehold on the establishment and progressives in DC, we must hit them while they’re down, and we must continue to make strides in restoring this country to what it once was!

-Young Conservative 

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