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What is conservatism?  When most hear the word conservative they automatically think of those supposed greedy, big business, fat cats that the government constantly demeans.  This couldn’t possibly be further from the truth!  The root of the word Conservative,  conserve, means protect from harm or destruction.  This is where the true conservative sits, they want to protect our governing system before it breaks under its own weight. We Conservatives believe in a limited government that is truly by and for the people.  We have come so far from government as the founders intended, that most do not realize what it was they intended in the first place.
The question then becomes how do we get back to the founding principles?  For any logical, reasonable individual the answer is simple, we get back to the Constitution.  Herein lies the problem, many of the youth of today either believe the Constitution is just an “outdated” document that is no longer relevant, or they literally have no idea what the Constitution even is.  We have come to a point in history in which we the people must take the responsibility to ensure that our youth are properly educated. Our children have fallen victim to a failing educational system that is clearly steering them down the path to becoming zombies ripe for the picking when they graduate. We have programs like common core that are designed specifically to indoctrinate the youth by teaching a distorted view of history, convoluted mathematical thought processes and the like. 
The conundrum with this scenario is how do we relate to the youth?  Tonight I had the pleasure of speaking with an individual who truly opened my eyes to a new perspective on connecting with the younger generation.  I like to consider myself young hence (Young Conservative on Twitter) but I guess I think like the older more mature generation.  As a result, my approach to educating the youth of today is clearly falling short.  The person I spoke with tonight that really opened my eyes to revising approach in how I express my conservative views was Mr. Phil Williams of the Phil Williams show.  His show is available on Tune In radio Monday through Friday from 4PM to 7PM.
Mr. Williams and I spoke for quite a while and he provided me insight on what it is like to be a black man and a conservative.  So many today hear black and conservative and they automatically think the person “isn’t down with the cause”, or is an “uncle Tom” and so on and so forth.  After speaking with Mr. Williams one realizes that these accusations are utterly ridiculous as there is absolutely no reason a person living in the black community shouldn’t be conservative.  The reason more people in the black community do not embrace the conservative movement is simply because they have been brainwashed by the liberal, progressive, Democrats.  Many have fallen victim to the freebies government dangles in front of them without realizing that by buying into the free stuff they remain slaves to that free stuff. They remain repaint on the government and as time goes on the reliance grows until they look to government as the sole means of their existence! 
The question is then how do we reach those in the black community that do not yet realize they need the conservative movement to reach their full potential in life and break the chains government has placed on them keeping them down.  Mr. Williams was able to articulate a new approach, one that places us on a level playing field with those who we are trying to reach.  For far too long the typical conservative has talked down to those in the urban community which has alienated them from even considering what the conservative ideals have to offer.  This new approach that Mr. Williams was able to portray included providing historical context as to who really has the best interest of not only the black community in mind but our society as a whole (not the democrats).  We must be able to speak to the skeptical liberal in a way that brings to light the illogical nature of their argument without speaking down to them.
This new approach is an idea I intend to implement in my conversations with liberal progressives as I have often times been somewhat combative.  If the conservative movement as a whole can begin to change the tide in the way we approach those who don’t agree with us we can easily gather thousands if not tens or even hundreds of thousands of people to join us.  We simply need to change our style and truly portray the conservative movement as something that is beneficial not only to the “rich” but to everyone.  Conservative, limited government spurs economic growth, provides incentive to those in the lower and middle classes that they can work hard and reap the benefits that accompany their hard work.  It’s time we conservatives wake up and get with the times, the old approach clearly isn’t working and I feel that the approach presented by Phil Williams has real substance to it.  We must begin to utilize these tools, the life of our country depends on it!

-Young Conservative

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    Very well thought out and written. Keep up the excellent work.


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