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What does the term “millennial” bring to mind? Does it make you think of an intelligent, hard working young person with deep seeded morals and values or does it bring to mind a coddled child who constantly cries and whines when they don’t get their way? If you thought the first you are sorely mistaken. Many (not all) are coddled babies that have had everything handed to them throughout their entire lives creating a sense of entitlement that we are beginning to see the effects of as they are attempting to enter the workforce. Their fruitless attempts to find themselves by attending colleges that cost upwards of six figures is leaving them jobless and in debt. What do they do at that point? They look to blame someone else for their hardship. In most instances they blame the the government, adults including their own parents, and just about anyone other than themselves, the fact of the matter is that they must now find a way to make ends meet.

Inject race and class warfare into this entitlement millennial blame game and we end up with what was all witnessed in both Ferguson and Baltimore! These individuals create a so called movement around a cause that is perpetrated by the government as they inspire the youth to “rise up” for whatever it is they claim to stand for. Little do they know that all they are doing is playing right into the hands of those in power as they seek to exert more control over these mindless millennials.

We are truly at a tipping point in this country! There is a war between the so called “haves” and the “have nots”. The haves are the individuals who know what it means to work for a living and enjoy reaping the rewards of their hard work. The “have nots” of the millennial generation are the ones looking to government for their handouts, handouts they feel are owed them at the expense of the haves. This is where the liberal progressives come in and play off of the entitlement mindset of the millennials by demonizing the haves when they speak about the rich and how they must pay their fair share. What they fail to touch on is the fact that the majority of the “so called rich” worked for what it is they have and should be no means have to give to those in the flat ass society.

What we read on websites like Salon are a perfect example of the moronic liberal mindset that is plaguing the millennial generation.

Today we face a true crisis of democracy: the will of the people is no longer the priority of our political system. Our government is failing us. Democrats keep letting us down. Republicans are terrifying. Politicians continue to blame each other, failing to act on the most pressing issues of our time. It’s no surprise why: from every side, we see cynical pitches to Americans’ worst instincts and modest solutions proposed to big problems. Common sense measures on immigration, student debt, gun safety, incarceration, policing, and climate change have no chance of passing our broken system. Any visionary piece of legislation is threatened by a small number of Tea Party members refusing to pass any laws or gets stuck for years bouncing back and forth between closed-door committee hearings. As democracy is thrown to the wayside, we have ended up with the clearest signs of plutocracy: government by and for the wealthy determined to preserve the status quo and emboldened by procedural gridlock.

This idea that our government is somehow failing us is true but not for the reasons set forth in this article or for reasons most millennials have been brainwashed to believe. The true reason our government is failing us is because it has strayed from the Constitutional principles that provide the outline for its operation. With complete control of the educational system having been surrendered to the federal government and the diminishing role parents play in the lives of our children they are falling victim to the propaganda being fed to them by the liberal mainstream media!

And just when you think this Salon piece cannot get any more moronic they go on to explain,

Meanwhile, politicians continue to throw away billions of dollars incarcerating people, deporting mothers and fathers, and polluting our people and our planet. They continue to saddle us with student debt. They aren’t helping create real jobs that can sustain us. They stand by as many of our friends live in daily fear of police and immigration enforcement. And they continue subsidizing polluting fossil fuel companies who destroy the land we live on and the air we breathe.

First off the government wouldn’t have to worry about throwing so much money at incarcerating people if society would some get back to morals, values, and showing common decency towards your fellow man. Second, it’s not government saddling us with student debt, government isn’t holding a gun to our heads making us go to college. If we want to solve the student debt crisis get government out of the student loan business, stop requiring students to enroll in ridiculous courses, and encourage kids to pursue other professions if they choose to. We need to make college a place to learn again, not a place to “find yourself”. Third, we need to have government officials willing to enforce existing immigration laws, enforce the border, and explain to people we are a nation of laws and one must abide by those laws if they want to come here. Lastly, we need to dispel the myth of global warming and disband the EPA. Global warming has been debunked time and time again, even the founder of the Weather Channel has come out saying global warming is a hoax; and the EPA is nothing but a bureaucratic mess that can do nothing better than raid a the Gibson guitar factory because they were making guitars out of wood from a “protected tree”.

This piece by Salon is literally a mish-mash of progressive ideologies designed to compel the minds of the mindless! The bottom line is we need to stop looking to government to solve the “most pressing” issues of our time and begin to look inward and ask what can I do to resolve these issues. We must ask what can I do to make society better? If we are able to obtain a sense of self reliance, morals, and values we will change this country in a way no government ever could!

-Young Conservative

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