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Enough is enough and the time has come where we must confront ISIS before they confront us here on American soil!  Today we all witnessed a true tragedy with the attacks that have taken place throughout France.  As of now they are saying roughly 158 people have lost their lives as a result of the shootings and bombings that have occurred.  There comes a point where we must ask ourselves just how much of this are we willing to take before something has to be done.

The trouble is that we clearly cannot rely on our president to act as he can’t even find it in himself to call ISIS islamic. Yet again his address in response to a tragedy that clearly appears to be a result of Islamic terrorism he goes out of his way to avoid even speculating that it may have been ISIS. The president could have addressed the reports from witnesses explaining the gunmen shouted Allahu akbar and explained that everything will be done to assist French authorities in bringing to justice whoever is responsible.  

I get it that it is in the best interest of the leader of the free world to avoid speculation but there comes a time in which we must call a spade a spade and at least call out those who are responsible.  I’m through with political correctness, if the President won’t call out Islamic terrorism, I will.  I hope enough people can find it in themselves to rid society of political correctness and insist that our leaders address this threat before they come for us!

We are seeing reports coming in that the gunmen shouted Allahu akbar as he picked off his victims in the theater.  I’m sorry but Mr. President these guys clearly aren’t the “JV” team you named them.  These pathetic terrorists carried out a coordinated attack throughout a major European city on a Friday evening.

It’s safe to say we have come to a tipping point in our battle against ISIS and Islamic terrorism.  We are approaching a time where it will be us or them and I pray that our so called “leader” wakes up and decides to take the lead and defeat ISIS before we witness any more carnage.

– Young Conservative

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