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Anyone who knows the true mentality of the individuals we are dealing with at the University of Missouri knows would not be surprised by the fact that the little whiny brats are upset that the horrific attacks by ISIS in Paris have taken the spotlight off of their made up cause for protesting.

First lets get one thing straight, these individuals are protesting over a supposed swastika made of poop found in one of the campus bathrooms.  Additionally, there have been complaints of racial slurs being spoken against those of color on campus.  These claims too have been completely unsubstantiated as not one formal police report has been filed regarding any such incident. Not to mention the fact that we do still have a freedom of speech in this country therefore you may not like what people have to say, and those words may encroach on your personal space, but guess what suck it up and deal with it.  We all hear things we don’t like from time to time and what do we do?  We deal with it like adults.

For most of last week we had the “luxury” of hearing these little brats in Missouri whine about their safe space being violated and they the attacks in Paris occur and we all see what is really important in the world today, stopping radical Islamic terrorism.  I’m sorry but your made up social cause at Missouri and at campuses around the country pales in comparison to what we face with ISIS.  Do you think for one second if ISIS were to come to a campus near you they would give a crap about your personal space or your right to protest for that matter?  NO!!  If they didn’t agree with you they would do more than invade your personal space, they would freaking kill you!

First of all there were no black students on the campus of Missouri “trapped in their rooms” and if there actually were kids trapped in their rooms due to any type of threat, we would all be made well aware of the situation.  With social media today I’m sure there would be documented proof of the entire situation.  So until I actually see this proof I don’t want to hear about kids trapped in their rooms over made up scenarios.  Grow a pair, come out of your room and if people invade your social space get over it and move on!

As part of the misguided outrage at the media’s concentration on the Paris attacks the black lives matter idiots went as far as to start a Twitter hashtag entitle “#fuckParis”.  While this is the case it didn’t take long for those who possessed love for their common man quickly took down those who would cry about and complain that the tragedy in Paris took the spotlight from the protests in Missouri.  Protests that clearly were a result of something no one has yet been able to provide substantial proof as to why it occurred in the first place.



-Young Conservative

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