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I get it that everyone has become polarized with regards to the entire Syrian Refugee “crisis”. I myself tend to jump at things like this as I always take a stern stance on many of the trending topics of the day.  While some may say others are ignorant because we don’t necessarily condone throwing open the doors to ever Syrian Refugee, others say we should shut the door entirely.

 I feel that we should look inwardly and say to ourselves first off we are not “racist” if we question whether or not to bring these people in given the current state of affairs in the world today.  We should question things like this, and given the governments ability to thoroughly vet incoming immigrants there is plenty of reason to be skeptical with regards to the vetting process to screen the Syrian Refugees to ensure we do not have an attack here like we witnessed in Paris.

We should also say to ourselves… Will these “refugees” be living here permanently or will they return home when the crisis ends.  A refugee by definition is someone who will eventually return to their homeland once said conflict has been resolved.  If these individuals do end up here permanently will they find work or will they just add to the roughly 93,000,000 Americans currently out of the workforce and in turn increase the burden placed on the roughly 80 means tested forms of government assistance?

We also have a true crisis within the United States with regards to the Veterans Affairs system.  We have an ever growing population of homeless veterans, veterans waiting months if not years to receive the proper medical treatment.  While this is going on we are seriously considering bringing in tens of thousands of refugees along with however many illegal aliens that continue to stream across the southern border?

So before we start fighting among ourselves calling each other racist, xenophobes, bigots, ignorant and many other names, lets look at this from a broad perspective and realize that we have more pressing issues to deal with here at home before we should even consider catering to any large group of incoming refugees.

-Young Conservative

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