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We constantly hear about how we are the only country in the world that sees mass shootings.  Heck, Obama even had the nerve to call out America and the mass shooting epidemic that we supposedly have while he was in France, the sight of one of the most horrific mass shootings in recent memory.  Fast forward a few weeks and we witnessed another mass shooting even this time in San Bernadino, California and before the bodies are cold the mass media is on the war path hoping and praying that this shooter is somehow a white, male, conservative, card carrying NRA member. The liberal media took to social media and began pushing their agenda!

The great Ben Shapiro has taken to Twitter to tow the ban assault weapons line.  What he is clearly forgetting to realize is that assault weapons have been banned for nearly 30 years. Mr. Shapiro if criminals want to get guns they will get guns.

While two of the perpetrators appear to have been killed in the confrontations that followed the shooting, one of them Syed Farook was taken into custody. So now the debate begins.  Was this individual who we now know to be a muslim a muslim who believed in islam in the radical sense?  Will we hear the true motive behind this heinous act or will our president again call it “workplace violence”?  We have already witnessed absolutely abhorrent acts perpetrated on American citizens by individuals of muslim descent including the Ft. Hood shooting, the beheading at a processing plant in Oklahoma, and the shooting that took place at an armed services recruiting center in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

// Clearly we all know that Obama and his right hand woman Valerie Jarrett are sitting in the situation room as I write this attempting to figure our how to spin this to avoid condemning muslims or islam.  Just as every other islamist attack on citizens in this country one can rest assured that our own government will go out of their way to avoid even coming close to mentioning the word islam when speaking about this attack.

-Young Conservative

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