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Big news this Sunday morning as it looks like Trump is not as infallible as many think he is.  Thus far I have been looking at the GOP field and giving everyone an equal shot in my eyes to win the Republican nomination for the president.  Too many people are buying into what is being fed to them via the mainstream media and are getting caught up in the hoopla that same media has created as they hang on every word Trump says.  I’ll be the first to say that when Trump appears to screw up, somehow it only strengthens his stance in the polls and that just adds to is already over inflated ego.

Just a few examples of Trumps debacles…

In this particular instance we see Donald Trump literally mock handicapped individuals as he speaks about the Muslims that were celebrating in Jersey City, NJ shortly after the 9/11 attacks.  While his claim was later confirmed as video had surfaced showing the individuals indeed were celebrating, the problem is how Trump went about explaining this incident.  Do we really want an individual like this, who possesses such lack of couth, as the leader of the free world and one who will represent us around the world.

Again we see Trump on his high horse and this time he is literally mocking and belittling a fellow candidate.  In this instance it is about respect, or lack thereof, from an individual who has his sights on the highest office in this country.  When I look for someone who I would back as president of the United States, I look for someone who commands respect; not someone who tosses around names and acts like a child when he doesn’t get his way.  After all we are now seeing Trump threatening that he may actually run third party if the GOP doesn’t start treating him fairly.  On what grounds can he speak about fair behavior when we see him mock handicapped people and belittle nearly every single individual vying for the GOP nomination to become president?

Along Comes Ted Cruz

While everyone was pandering over Trump and his recent statements about how he intends to keep Islamic terrorists from entering the United States, Texas Senator Ted Cruz was busy running a campaign rooted in fundamental principles on how he intends to implement his policies.

According to Brietbart,

Cruz has 31 percent support, followed by Donald Trump with 21 percent. Since October, Cruz has gained 21 points while Trump has gained just 2 percent. Neurosurgeon Ben Carson is in 3rd place with 13 percent, down 15 points since October. Florida
Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) 79% is 4th with 10 percent support, essentially unchanged since the last poll.

Are people beginning to wake up to Trump and his antics?  This aforementioned pole is a fantastic indicator that people are fed up with Trump and his whining that if he isn’t treated fairly he’ll leave the party.  While that may strike fear into many traditional Republican voters, I feel that the core of the Republican party today stands on clear morals and values and they are able to see right through everything Trump says and understand there isn’t really any substance behind the rhetoric.

That substance that Trump lacks Cruz makes up for and a prime example of this is explained here,

There were two other campaign developments this week, however, that perhaps go even further to explain the strong support coalescing behind Cruz. On Thursday, Cruz gave a speech focused on foreign policy at the Heritage Foundation. Echoing Ronald Reagan and Jeanne Kirkpatrick, Cruz outlined a robust strategy to combat radical terrorism without miring the US in overseas conflicts.

This is what we need, in a candidate who can literally back up what he says with methods and policies depicting how he will carry out his plan. Ted Cruz understands the Constitution and the responsibility of holding the highest office in the land.  He doesn’t just speak on platitudes, he speaks about the issuing we face as a nation and provides detailed outlines of how he intends to address those issues .  The next time you see Trump on CNN, MSNBC, Good Morning America, Fox News, or anywhere else spouting off trying to keep himself in the limelight think to yourself, does this man really have a plan for this country or is he all talk?

-Young Conservative

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  1. Anwar Sher December 23rd, 2015 at 3:22 pm

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