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I haven’t really talked too much about the presidential debates or the candidates running for the nominations on either side as I try and concentrate on the here and now and reach out to the millennial generation to get them to understand the ramifications of what is taking place right before our very eyes.  But one cannot help but get caught up in the hoopla surrounding those vying for the presidential nomination on both sides of the aisle.

On the Republican side we have Trump who is a rabble rouser and is stirring things up speaking on issues we all want addressed, we have Ted Cruz who is the true Conservative of the bunch and has tried numerous cases before the Supreme Court and attended both Princeton and Harvard Law school, and Marco Rubio who many aren’t quite sure what he stands for as he has had differing opinions on issues like immigration.

I have also spoke about Bernie Sanders quite a bit because I feel that many in the millennial generation are beginning to buy into his ridiculous ideals that would lead us down the road to a socialistic society turning this country into something that would be unrecognizable within just a few years. With promises like free college for all and free healthcare the millennial generation is buying into his socialist style promises not realizing that eventually the rich who Sanders wants to foot the bill will eventually run out of money!

What I haven’t delved into much is the whole Trump debate and whether or not he would make a good president.

While it’s looking like Hillary Clinton is a lock for the Democrat nod for president, the Republican nomination is still up for grabs. We are now faced with the decision of whether or not we want to Trump who is looking more like a tyrant or Cruz who is an accomplished Conservative minded individual to represent us as our parties pick for president come 2016.

This divisiveness within the Republican party that is becoming more prevalent today is a direct result of the inaction of many of the Republicans we have elected into both the House and the Senate! We have seen much infighting within the Republican party over the last decade or so between the establishment and the tea party, the tea party that has really gained momentum over the past few years.  As more and more people are beginning to finally wake up to what’s going on, we are witnessing a quick rise in conservative minded individuals who are taking more of an interest in the Constitution.  The rise in the tea party and the witnessing of the rapid decline of the state of this country led me to gain more of an interest in the Constitution and motivated me to try and become more involved and do what I can to affect change.  I have been motivated to get the word out and speak to truth the constitutional principles this country was founded upon, that being life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

This further exemplifies the importance of the upcoming election where we are faced with a decision that could not only affect the upcoming 4 to 8 years but could have lasting ramifications that may be felt for generations! We are seeing Trump gain in popularity as he is playing off of the anger and emotions of the American people. As I previously explained, the American people are fed up with the inaction of many of our representatives in both the House and the Senate and this has led to the blind following that Trump is receiving! A following that eerily resembles what we witnessed with Obama in 2008 and we all know how that turned out!

As time has gone by we have seen many of the conservatives become angry at the direction in which this country is headed.  We have seen anger on social media, in the news, at protests, and each step along the way we have seen the radical left sit there at push the narrative about the “right wing nuts” as they like to refer to many of us as.  And then along comes an individual who truly said what we all conservatives wanted to hear.  This individual spoke about building a wall along our border with Mexico that we have wanted since the Reagan administration, this individual played on the fear and trepidation against muslims after various terror attacks, this person leverage any and every news incident of the day to his advantage to play on the heartstrings of the american people to get them riled up and motivated to affect change.  

While this all sounds dandy, but one must take a step back and truly ask themselves is the decision I’m making to back whoever it is one decides to back for the presidential bid a rational one. Am I acting based on emotion, or am I acting based I  sound reasoning and logic? Am I acting based upon my anger and frustration over the state of this country which is a direct result of the wussy Republicans in Congress who refuse to stand up for what it is we elected them to do? Please ask yourself these questions and do your due diligence before you make your decision as the ramifications of the decision you make could be felt for a long time to come!

-Young Conservative

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