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Why the heck do we need a minimum wage in the first place? Many will say it’s not so much a minimum wage as it’s a “living wage”. That has to be my favorite term the liberal morons coin for the idea of being entitled to a specific wage for menial work. I get it that it can be hard to get by on low wages but nowhere else in the world does one have the upward mobility like we do here in America!

The libs like to compare us to countries in Europe where the citizens are coddled, “University” is paid for by the government and everyone lives happily ever after. That couldn’t be further from the truth! How would you feel of at least half of your earnings were being assumed by your government? Would that strengthen your work ethic or would that lead you to be less motivated as you knew that half of what you are earning doing your job is being stolen from you.

Another aspect of the minimum wage debate that often times goes unnoticed is the FACT that minimum wage was NEVER intended to be a lifetime salary or was it intended to be a salary from which one could raise a family! I’m sorry but no one is entitled to have an income from which they can raise a family by way of those who are working harder and longer hours and barely making ends meet! It’s not the responsibility of others to provide economic stability for those who make poor life choices. Additionally, minimum wage is designed to be a stepping stone. If someone were to begin a job at minimum wage they have more opportunity here than anywhere else in the world to work past that starting salary and really earn a decent living so long as they apply themselves!

The mandated increase in minimum wage throughout the country is already have negative consequences especially for small business owners!

According to The Daily Signal,

After more than a decade at the helm of her bookstore, Ann Kinner faces an uncertain future because of new measures at the city and state level to raise the minimum wage.

On June 7, San Diego residents will vote on a ballot measure to raise the city’s minimum wage to $11.50 an hour in 2017.

This is just one of the many horror stories that we are seeing come from the proposed minimum wage increases around the country. What people fail to understand is that just because government mandates a higher wage doesn’t mean small businesses can afford to pay that to their employees said wage. Maybe of the government got off of the backs of small business owners and reduced regulations and taxes levied apon them they’d have the resources to organically pay their employees more without the need for a government mandated wage altogether!

The Daily Signal goes on to explain,

Over the last few years, the store owner has reduced her number of employees, lessened her business hours, and cut her own salary to keep up with increased labor costs.

“I just want to survive,” she told The Daily Signal.

The ridiculous mandates being passed down from local and state municipalities are putting small business owners in a dire predicament. They are being forced to choose between the very survival of their business and the hiring and firing of employees!

-Young Conservative

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  1. gotohowtoman April 9th, 2016 at 4:02 am

    Clap trap and drivel, study after study has proven this Republican dogma to be incorrect. A few unverifiable stories aren't even empirical evidence of your assertions. And the daily caller is nothing more than a Republican crapfest regurgitator. It's funny but every single conservative sacred cow has zero basis in fact. You turds live lives filled with fear and loathing equivalent to any paranoid delusional.Grow some balls and face the world with a little bit of manhood not as a cowering little girl.


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