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The protesting at Trump rallies has officially gone too far. I don’t know about you but I am sick and tired of seeing these pathetic pukes run around waving the damn Mexican flag in our country.  This really hits home with me because I’m tired of people coming here from other countries only to tell us how great their home country is.  If your home country is so damn great then why the hell did you come here in the first place.  There used to be something called assimilation in which people wanted to come to America to embrace American values and what America once stood for.  

I don’t necessarily consider myself a Trump supporter but I do believe in his motto that we need to make America great.  I wouldn’t necessarily say great again as I believe America has always been and still is great, we just need to get back to the founding principles this country once stood strongly for.

The problem we are seeing with these so called protests that are taking place wherever Trump goes is the fact that police are giving these ANIMALS, yes I said it, ANIMALS room to riot.  Just like we all witnessed in Baltimore, we are seeing the same riot type mentality take place at all of these protests.  Police stand idly by as these maniacs break through barricades, stomp on police cars, and basically do as they please with hardly any pushback from law enforcement.  

According to the Los Angeles Times,

“You can’t arrest all of us,” one woman shouted. Another group of anti-Trump demonstrators continued to linger, yelling, “Mexico! Mexico!”

Around the Anaheim Convention Center, lines of mounted police moved through the streets, with several dozen protesters in front of them. Some had scarves covering their face, others taunted police officers. By 3 p.m., only a couple dozen protesters remained, with one person tearing down a stop sign near Katella Avenue.

Actually they can arrest most of you and what they should be doing is sending back to Mexico whomever is here illegally.  That would be one extremely efficient way in which these protest could be stopped.  Put the fear of God in these illegals immigrant thugs and let them know they are breaking our laws and they will be sent right back where they came from. But we all know that will never happen as they represent the next largest voting block for the Democrat party.  The Democrats look to them as the next recipient class they can dangle their free crap in front of and in turn have Democrat voters for the next two generations.

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