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The time has come for the masses to stand up and be heard.  We have been pushed and prodded for too damn long and many are finally saying enough is enough and beginning to sound the alarm that real change is needed to save this country from destruction.  For far too long the mindless morons on the left have brainwashed many into believing that the federal government has their best interests at heart, and the morons fall in line looking for their next handout.  Under Obama we have seen an exponential increase not only in the number of welfare recipients, we have seen an increase in the number of food stamp recipients, and increases in just about every other one of the 80 or so means tested welfare programs offered by the government.  
One may wonder how it is that this is possible.  How is it that the federal government has the ability to operate so many welfare programs?  Well they still have a base of hard working Americans to steal from to ensure the flat ass society can remain on their flat ass feeding off of the labor of the hard working American citizen. Don’t get me wrong there exists a small number of individuals who legitimately need this assistance, but the vast majority are perfectly capable of working. 
It’s safe to say that those working to fund the flat ass society are finally getting fed up with the way in which this country is going.  This sentiment has also made it’s way across the pond as England has recently asserted their independence from the European Union.  The “other people” that reside outside the big cities made their voices heard as they decided they no longer wanted to partake in the restrictions, taxes, and influx of middle east refugees being forced upon them by the EU.  It’s ironic that the pathetic mainstream media in England all but assured the world that they would without a doubt remain in the EU, but like I said the “other people” stood up and made their voices heard that they are done being pushed around by the elite oligarchs governing from their ivory towers. 
We are seeing the same thing take place here in the United States with the rise of Donald Trump.  Whether or not you like the guy you have to admit he has the balls to say what most are thinking.  Like in Europe many here in the US are fed up with the way the federal government is issuing decrees that the masses must abide by while they live the life of luxury.  The politicians in DC force upon us “healthcare reform” yet they have nothing to do with Obamacare, they push on the masses a failing federal educational system that is doing nothing but indoctrinate our children to become good little peons that will buy into everything government is selling them while sending their own children to the most elite of elite private school.  
Finally people have had enough of this bullshit and are beginning to demand that politicians be held accountable.  We saw the rise of the tea party some 6 or so years ago which ignited the spark and with the lack of change we have seen from so called conservative Republicans, the people are crying out for real change, change back to a government by the people and for the people as the founders intended. 
-Young Conservative

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