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A Little Inspiration Before Day 1 of CPAC 2017

CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference, in case you have been living under a rock and haven’t heard of it yet is a conference right outside Washington DC every February in which Conservatives get together and discuss political issues plaguing the country. This is a national conference with attendees from every area of the country spanning age groups from students all the way up to seasoned adult conservatives.

I’m sure most just think this is a vacation for the snooty rich conservatives and for some that may be the case but for people like myself who were barely able to make it here,  it is much more than a vacation. Attending CPAC is a privilege, it is a means to an end, an end that is merely just the beginning of the Conservative movement in this country.  Seeing the enormous crowd here truly is inspiring to think this many people believe in what this country was founded upon; life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!

When I arrived I wanted more than just the inspiration provided by the conference, more than just meeting up with fellow like minded conservatives. I wanted to see first hand some of the history this great nation has to offer. I wanted to pay my respects to those who gave their all to give us what we have today!

To do this I drove myself over to he Lincoln Memorial. If you have never seen this monument first hand, it is by far one of the most awe inspiring places to visit! Many today take for granted the sacrifices made by these great men and fail to fully understand what they went through to found this country we call The United States. These men put it all on the line, their fortunes, livelihoods, and even the future of their families to lay the groundwork to form what we have today!

What does any of this have to do with CPAC? Well the motto for CPAC, “We the People: Reclaiming America’s Promise” pretty much sums up exactly what we are all doing here. We are here to discuss how we are going to reclaim the promise outlined by the great men who founded this nation of ours. We are here to find solutions as to how we are to overcome the socialist minded individuals who’s goal is to destroy everything the founders laid out, everything they envisioned this country would one day be.

We are at a tipping point in this country, we must ensure that we keep the founders ideals alive and well in this country.  Many around the world look to America as the preserver of freedom, the one nation in the world where its citizens are truly free. THAT is what we are doing here at CPAC, we are collaborating to find ways to battle the liberal movement in this country. A movement that is hell bent and determined to destroy the Constitution and the entire Republic!

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