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Trump was MONITORED! We Should All Be Concerned

With the revelation by California Republican Rep. Devon Nunes that there appears to have been legal monitoring the Trump Presidential transition team, the average person would simply write this off as many Democrats are that there was nothing to see here; move along my little puppets.  While that may be the case for many Americans there is more to look at here and the mainstream media is simply turning a blind eye to this as they do most issues that could possibly portray their grand master Obama in a bad light.

According to The Washington Times,

Trump presidential transition officials had their communications monitored and “unmasked” by the intelligence community, the chairman of the House intelligence committee said Wednesday, offering the first major piece of evidence of possible illegal activity by Obama officials against Donald Trump as president-elect.

This looks to be just the tip of the proverbial iceberg as Rep. Nunes seems to be hinting on the fact that there is more to see here but as any good politician he’s not going to show his hand until the right time.  I sometimes wish Trump would take a page from this playbook and back off Twitter until he has the proof at hand to back up whatever it is he tweets.  Nonetheless we are approaching a breaking point and the accusation he made on Twitter of illegal wiretapping by the Obama administration during last years presidential race could be coming to fruition.


In another piece by The Washington Times stated,

“It is possible,” Mr. Nunes told reporters after briefing Mr. Trump on the information.

“There was some level of surveillance activity — perfectly legal — but I don’t think the American people would be comfortable with it.”

This is the essence of what all Americans should be concerning themselves with here.  Trump who was a private citizen was clearing under surveillance of some kind by government while Obama was still president.  Legal or not, we all should at this point have the right to know the reason for the surveillance given the scrutiny that Trump has been under as a result of his wiretapping claim.  Additionally, we should all be very concerned with any issue regarding surveillance given the recent Vault 7 data dump from WikiLeaks.

If the recent revelations brought forward by Rep. Nunes isn’t enough we need to look no further than to speak to an ex secret service agent to get the inside scoop as to what could have really taken place at Trump Tower.


According to,

“The Secret Service does ECM sweeps, electronic counter-measures, where they go in frequently and look for listening devices, radio frequencies, all kinds of things to make sure the president or president-elect is not being, in fact, wiretapped or listened in on on specific phone lines,” Bongino revealed.

The former agent, noting Trump had Secret Service protection as a candidate, thinks it’s much more likely the Secret Service discovered something while performing one of their ECM sweeps of Trump Tower and later found out it was the DOJ that had ordered the surveillance.

“That makes total sense, but of course the media’s not really interested in the story, because they want to find fault with Trump. So their story’s gonna be, ‘Did Trump force the FBI to tell him he was being monitored in some kind of an investigation?’” Bongino said.

“They’ve never considered the third option, that he had Secret Service protection and there was likely an ECM sweep done to check for bugs. The FBI’s not going to tell the Secret Service if they’re monitoring the president-elect, and if Obama or his DOJ officials wanted Trump monitored, the Secret Service probably didn’t know at all.”

Mr. Bongino also Tweeted that we are soon going to see more revelations coming out over the next few weeks regarding the Trump wiretapping situation.

And sure enough here we are, Nunes has come out confirming that there was indeed surveillance at Trump Tower.  One can rest assured we will begin to see more information trickle out over the next few weeks!

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