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Crooked Hillary Coming Out of the Woods

She’s back and she’s as crooked as ever!

Following the crushing defeat of Hillary Clinton at the hands of our commander in chief Donald Trump, Hillary “Rotten” Clinton basically crawled under a rock and took up residence in her “safe space” until her snowflake followers were able to dry their tears. Here we are a couple months later and the tears are dry, the businesses destroyed by the idiotic protesters have all been repaired, and back comes Hillary Clinton teaming up with her former nemesis Barack Obama to do everything she can to undermine Trump.

According to US News & World Report,

Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, has been speaking regularly to the American public and supporters since her loss to Donald Trump in November, talking passionately about diversity in Silicon Valley, female empowerment and the importance of diplomacy. Former President Barack Obama is still living in Washington and has turned his attention to redistricting, in tandem with his former Attorney General, Eric Holder.

Rather than sail off into the sunset as many former presidents have done, Obama is doing just the opposite. He is staying in DC in an attempt to do everything he can to undermine the Trump presidency. Add in the failure Hillary Clinton, and you have a dynamic duo that Trump definitely needs to be aware of and watching very closely. If you ask me Trump should have gone after Hillary when he had the chance and put her behind bars FOR GOOD!

Nonetheless Trump took the proverbial high road and washed his hands of the entire Clinton fiasco. We must hope though that that does not come back to hurt him and his presidency in the long run. reported,

With her new rallying cry of “Resist, persist, insist, enlist,” Clinton is keeping up her fight against Trump while giving Democrats space to find a new person to carry the torch in 2020.

“She’s always been someone who gets out there and fights for what she thinks is right,” one former Clinton campaign staffer told The Hill.

“She’s striking an appropriate balance. She still has an appreciation that she’s not the face of the Democratic Party and people don’t want her to be … but having worked for her and having seen how hard she fights, I’d be disappointed if she spent the rest of her career in the woods.”

It’s clear that crooked Hillary has no intentions of fading into the background as Trump follows through with his plan to Make America Great Again. We the people must ensure that the general public is aware of the insidious plans that both her and Obama have to do everything they can to undermine Trump. Trust me they have no boundaries and will literally do anything to ruin Trump, nothing is out of the realm of possibility with these two maniacal individuals.

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