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Liberals Outraged as SCOTUS Upholds Trump Travel Ban 9-0

The Travel Ban is Back in Effect!

As usual liberals around the country are throwing themselves on the floor crying over the constant Trump winning.  The most ironic part of this latest win is that it was something originally put in to place by the Obama administration and passed by both houses of Congress. Fast forward to today and Trump takes up the same proposed travel ban and all of the sudden it is deemed racist and xenophobic. This just proves that no matter what Trump or the Republicans do, if it has Trump’s name on it they will automatically refuse to even consider the bill or executive order.

Nonetheless Trump has been holding true to many of his campaign promises and including both the travel ban designed to protect this country, and the commitment to place a solid Conservative judge on the Supreme Court in Neil Gorsuch which greatly helps in restoring the Constitution and rule of law to this land.

Both of Trump’s aforementioned promises have indeed been kept and one, the travel ban, is one step closer to becoming confirmed as the Supreme Court agreed to uphold the ban nearly in its entirety.

According to Judicial Watch,

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton issued the following statement in response to today’s decision by the U.S. Supreme Court concerning President Trump’s Executive Order that, among other anti-terrorist measures, temporarily restricts most travel from certain Middle East nations:

Today, in a historic decision, every Supreme Court justice agreed for now to reinstate practically all of President Trump’s executive order concerning travel. This is a major blow to anti-Trump activist judges on the lower courts. And it is a big victory for our nation’s security, President Trump, and the rule of the law. In light of today’s strong ruling, the Trump administration should consider additional steps to keep terrorists out of the United States.

It’s funny when you think about it. The “academics” who were spouting odd at the mouth trying to talk down Trump’s travel ban knew all along he was well within his constitutional authority to put in place such a ban. Now that the ban has essentially been reinstated and trimmed back a bit it may not even be necessary to relitigate come the fall.

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