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Going as far back as the campaign trail through the election, the inauguration, and up to present day we have all seen an increasingly growing sentiment of violence towards our President.  Those on the left have been so butt hurt over this election that have resorted to calling for and condoning violence towards our Commander and Chief and those who support him.  Just look at what happened when one of their soldiers took to the streets heeding their call, Rep Steve Scalise was nearly killed at a Republican baseball practice by an outspoken Bernie Sanders supports.  Of course the media addressed it but quickly pushed it to the back page, whereas if this where the opposite and a Republican had carried out such an attack the left would still be talking about it today.  Not to mention those of us on the right wouldn’t resort to such actions to express our discontent with any politicians.

Nonetheless the violent rhetoric towards Trump continues.  One must ask themselves, would this type of violent rhetoric would have been accepted if it were geared towards former President Obama?  Hell no!  We would have seen immediate outrage from the morons sitting around glass tables with network logo coffee mugs lecturing us about hatred, violence, and racism coming from the right.  But when it’s their friends in Hollywood calling for violence towards the President it’s just free speech.  According to them it’s just art.

While it is essentially free speech to voice your discontent with the President and or any administration or political official, there is a line that should not be crossed; and that line has been crossed countless times in just a matter of months.

That is why I decided to start a petition supporting the trying of Linda Sarsour for sedition.

Below is the link to my petition,

If that’s not enough here are a few more of the instances of the various calls for violence towards our President.

With the increasing number of calls for violence it is time we put a stop to it and demand our government step in and quell the violent rhetoric.

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