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Social Justice Warriors Lose It Yet Again

Tomi Lahren’s Latest Tweet Has the SJW’s in a Tizzy

It really doesn’t take much these days to get the social justice warrior outraged, simply show them a picture of Donald Trump or maybe put a Make America Great Again hat on and they’ll literally lose their minds.  They may even feel the need to run off to their safe space in search of a cuddle session, some hot chocolate, and a teddy bear.

Just imagine the type of literal sissies a good portion of the millennial men in this country look like when compared to some other countries around the world.  Then again of you’re comparing us to some European men I’d say we’re right on par when it comes to the level of feminist behaviors present in the men throughout society.

It’s ironic in a sense considering many on the left are so concerned with our image as a country and how they feel our President is perceived around the world yet they could care less if others see the United States as a bunch of sissified wimps.

At least we still have people like Tomi with the wherewithal to call out the millennial wimps for what they are… WIMPS.  Of course this comment on twitter was met with utter outrage from the social justice warriors.

Below are just a few of the enlightened morons and they oh so snarky responses…




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