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The Left Has Been Triggered

The Left is Losing it As Trump Calls Out Alt-Left

We have been seeing this phenomena now for quite some time, the back and forth over whether or not we should have statues commemorating the civil war.  While the liberals seemed to have gotten over this with the media pursuing the phony Russia investigation and North Korea threatening to blow us up, things reached a boiling point over the weekend with the events that unfolded in Charlottesville, Virginia.

If you’ve been living under a rock I’ll help get you up to speed.  A group of idiotic white supremacists obtained a permit to hold a rally at the statue of Robert E. Lee.  Of course that didn’t go over well with the fascist group known as Antifa (anti-fascists) and the other peaceful group of agitators, black lives matter.  From many accounts the rally was peaceful albeit the racist white supremacists were showing their true pathetic racist colors.  Fast forward to the next morning, Antifa and black lives matter rioters arrived and all hell broke lose.

Since then the media has been stopping at nothing to berate and demean President Trump because he didn’t address the incidents that took place quickly enough and how they wanted him to address it.  Instead he addressed the events that unfolded by explaining that there were radicalized elements on both sides of the spectrum and they were both equally responsible for what took place.

For the past eight years we have witnessed former President Obama make every excuse in the book to cover for the radical Islamic terror attacks that we have witnessed throughout the country from the recruiting center in Tenseness, to San Bernadino, to Fort Hood, and the beheading in Oklahoma.  And don’t sit here and lecture me about how these were isolated incidents and we cannot generalize an entire group of people over the acts of a few.  The left today is trying to do jut that as they group every single Trump supporter in with the actions of a group of white supremacists idiots.

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