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It’s Time We Stop Getting Our News From Comedians

Jimmy Kimmel Taking Healthcare Talking Points from Chuck Schumer

Enough is enough when it comes to getting our news from those who call themselves comedians.

We have seen the rise and subsequent fall of a variety of news shows on Comedy Central, one of the more popular being The Daily Show, which prided itself on being ‘like so hip and edgy’ as they mocked and ridiculed conservatives every chance they got.

Moving forward we now see late night comedians trying to take over the reigns when it comes to providing idiotic political commentary based on nothing but what they read on the fake news sites and what they are fed by their staff of know nothing so called writers.

This couldn’t be more evident when watching the late night pseudo intellectual Jimmy Kimmel as he attempts to lecture the American people on why we should subject ourselves to government run healthcare.

All I can say is, Jimmy you go first and subject you and your family to the SAME EXACT CARE YOU THINK WE THE MASSES SHOULD HAVE!

Not only will these idiotic Hollywood elites never be subjected to the care they advocate the rest if us buy in to, they have no clue when it comes to the Constitution and the role government is supposed to play in our lives.

Fast forward a few days and the truth comes out. It turns out Jimmy Kimmel was getting his healthcare talking points from none other than the sewer rat himself Chuck Schumer!

According to The Blaze,

Jimmy Kimmel has been applauded by many for his passionate missives against the GOP’s latest Obamacare repeal effort, the Graham-Cassidy bill, but a new revelation is undermining his credibility for many.

Is Jimmy Kimmel biased?

The Daily Beast reported Friday that Kimmel reached out to the office of leading Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer (N.Y.) for talking points to paint the bill as destructive of health care for Americans. Given that it doesn’t appear that he asked for similar guidance from Republicans, and that he didn’t reveal this to his audience, some see this as evidence of his bias and dishonesty on the issue.

So it turns out that not only was Jimmy Kimmel playing the American people using his platform to push the democrat agenda, he was also using his sick son as a political pawn to push said agenda.

The government run healthcare debate can be shut down in one simple statement…

Government run healthcare is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!


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