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A Bigger Button Isn’t All Trump Has Over Little Rocket Man

Peace Through Strength!

Regardless how the media spins President Trump’s response to the deranged North Korean leaders threat to the United States, our President is flexing American muscle a la President Reagan as he understands the necessity of standing up to crack pot dictators like Kim Jung Un!

The obsession over Trump’s tweets continues as the media literally losses their collective mind over Trump’s response to the latest provocative tweet posted by the leader of North Korea, Kim Jung Un.

Of course the media would criticize Trump’s reaction to the dictator of North Korea, they have been on the wrong side of history when it comes to the dealing with north Korea for decades.  They have supported administration after administration in their failed diplomatic attempts to broker a nuclear arms deal.  Instead the past administrations have essentially paved the way for the nuclear North Korea we are seeing today, a nuclear North Korea that has fallen into Trump’s lap.

Rather than continue the failed attempts at diplomacy that have been tried over the past decades, we finally have a leader who is willing to tout America’s muscle and stand up to those that directly threaten the safety and we’ll being of the American people.  So now the question must be asked, does the media truly care about the safety and we’ll being of the

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