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Time to End the Unconstitutional DACA Debacle

DACA Was and Still is ILLEGAL

We have clearly been side tracked by the democrats yet again simply because they know that deep down Trump is not about to budge when it comes to DACA. He realizes that the DACA legislation was and still is completely unconstitutional.  Obama said it himself he did not have the ability to essentially legalize those who arrived here illegally, yet he still took it upon himself to draft up this legislation granting “legal status” to thousands of “dreamers” who currently reside in the United States illegally.

Only Congress has the authority to write law as well as oversee any legislation regarding citizenship status in the United States.

Article 1, Section 8, Claus 4 of the US Constitution,

The Constitution empowers Congress to “establish a uniform Rule of Naturalization” – or, more simply stated, to make universal rules about giving foreign-born residents of the United States the “privileges of native” born residents.

One must essentially be born here or undergo the proper, legal process of becoming a United States citizen.  Thus the line has been blurred greatly by the Obama administration and their illegal attempt to legalize those who came here despite our legal immigration process. Even worse, they have turned DACA into nothing more than an emotionally charged political football just as they do with nearly any controversial program or piece of legislation.  This is the ONLY way they can get anyone to back whatever misguided, often times unconstitutional bill they are advocating for.

We will soon see the DACA mess started by Obama come to a head.  Regardless of the outcome it is important to understand just how the immigration process was supposed to work and how it still should work today.  Nothing has changed and Obama had no right to impose legal status on those residing here illegally.

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