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Media Pushes False Narrative of 18 School Shootings So Far This Year

Fake News Media Lies!

Many wonder why the term “fake news” gets thrown around so often.  Well this is a prime example as to why so many refer to media outlets like ABC News, NBC, MSNBC, and others and fake news, they have a clearly bias agenda, one that goes against the Constitution of the United States and nearly all basic Conservative principles.

In this case they are pushing a lie about the number of school shootings we have seen in the United States since the start of the new year.

According to Investors Business Daily,

In the immediate wake of the shooting, headlines starting appearing at major news sites:

“There have already been 18 school shootings in the US this year” — ABC News

“18 school shootings in 45 days — Florida massacre is one of many tragedies in 2018″—CNBC

“18 school shootings in US in 2018″— AFP

“U.S. averages a school shooting every 2.5 days in 2018” — Politico

“We’re Averaging One School Shooting Every 60 Hours In 2018” — Huffington Post

These are just a few of the many ridiculous headlines that we have been inundated with since the horrible tragedy took place just two days ago.  The worst part of this is the fact that the media outlets all piggyback off of one another sensationalizing headlines like this which further drives the narrative until people just take it at face value.

Investors Business Daily goes on,

That number comes from a gun control advocacy group — Everytown for Gun Safety — which arrived at 18 only by shoving everything it possibly could into the category of “school shooting.”

One of the “school shootings” on the list, for example, involved a Greyson College, Tex., student who accidentally discharged a weapon at the school’s Criminal Justice Center during a class supervised by a police officer on how to use handguns.

Another on the list involved a third grader who accidentally pulled the trigger of a police officer’s holstered weapon.

Two were suicides that happened to take place on school grounds. One of them was a 31-year-old man who shot himself while parked in his car, which happened to be on a school lot— at a school that had been closed for seven months. Another was a student who shot himself in the head in the school’s bathroom.

Three “school shootings” involved fights that broke out between either adults or students in school parking lots — one of them at a college in North Carolina — in which one of the people arguing pulled a gun on the other.

Another student was shot by a robber, during a robbery that happened to take place in a school parking lot.

One involved a gun that a 12-year-old brought to school, which accidentally went off inside her backpack.

In fact, of the 18 “school shootings,” only five occurred during school hours, and only four — including the latest — are what most people would consider a school shooting; in which someone brings a gun to school with the intent of shooting students.

Of those three previous shootings, only one resulted in deaths, when a 15-year-old boy armed with a handgun opened fire inside a Kentucky high school and killed two fellow students while injuring 14 others. The two others resulted in two injuries.

This is by no means meant to downplay the seriousness of this issue. These are all terrible tragedies, and parents have the right to expect that their children are safe at school.

I agree “both sides” are guilty of conflating the truth to push a narrative as those in “conservative media” have also sensationalized headlines that turned out to be false.  The difference here is the fact that lives are at stake along with our constitutional right to bear arms, which the left is dying to take away.

By pushing a narrative like this the mainstream media couples in the idea that “something must be done, and it needs to be done now” just as they do every time a tragedy like this occurs. They play off of the emotions of the American people and the vulnerability they feel at times like this hoping that we will be willing to give up our constitutional rights for that false sense of security the government says they will provide.

We even have comedians weighing in on the issue as Jimmy Kimmel did last night…

In this video the completely misinformed Kimmel referred to a policy that the Trump administration rescinded claiming that by doing so the mentally ill would now have an easier time purchasing firearms.  Anyone with Internet access and the ability to conduct a little research knows that is completely false.  Yet the masses continue to get their news from the fake news media outlets and comedians and wonder why “nothing is getting done”.

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