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Trump at CPAC 2018

The Left Attacks our President Because He Is Following Through with His Promise to Make America Great Again

Today Donald J. Trump addressed the Conservative Political Action Conference for the second time as President of the United States.  In a speech that spanned more than one hour he touted his many accomplishments achieved in his first year in office and outlined plans for the next 7 years to come.

Trump spoke about the dismantling of the failed Obamacare policy that has plagued this country, he even addressed the congressional vote in which we came oh so close to a complete repeal of Obamacare if it weren’t for one congressman.

President Trump also spoke about the promises he has kept during his firs year in office, his biggest, most important promise being support for our military and law enforcement personal.  We are finally seeing a President openly support our military and police which is a refreshing change from what we have been subjected to throughout the entire Obama administration.

President Trump then proceeded to begin his jabs at the liberal progressives throughout the entire country.  His address to CPAC was littered with jabs at liberals the most effective being his defense of faith and referencing the core principles of the founding of this country and the role played by God in shaping the thoughts and minds of our founding fathers.

We all know this jab really hits home with many liberals throughout the room, especially those sitting beside me in the media section at CPAC.  The irony here is that while many liberals claim to be tolerant and understanding, they completely disregard this countries history and it’s founding principles.  They claim that there is a separation between church and state in the Constitution which couldn’t be further from the truth as the only role government plays when it comes to religion is to avoid the implementation of a government sanctioned, national religion.

Unlike any President in my lifetime we finally have a leader that realizes the importance of core family values and the role government should play in our lives.

Before concluding his address to CPAC, President Trump spoke about the recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida.  This has clearly brought to light the issue we face when it comes to protecting our most cherished commodity in this country, our children.  Trump posed a couple of valid solutions to this problem, solutions that many liberal progressives just don’t want to hear as they continue on their gun grabbing, anti-2nd amendment tirade.

Our President Donald J. Trump has come home to the heart of the Conservative movement here at CPAC and provided us with a clear, concise outline of promises kept and promises to come over his next 7 years in office.

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