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It’s Time to Recind Obama Era School Discipline Doctrine

Did the Obama Era Discipline Policy Lead to Rise in School Violence?

The media wasted no time placing blame on the guns following the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school in Parkland, Florida.  They completely failed, as usual, to delve deeper in to just why Nikolas Cruz may have been able to purchase the firearm he used to commit the henious act that took place on February 14th of this year.

You may be wondering just what could have been done differently, how could we have realized sooner that he was headed down this path that would lead him to becoming the monster he became.  Well the tell tale signs were all there.  There have been reports of repeated visits to his home for a variety of violent accusations, one time it was reported that he even called the police on himself.  Yet nothing was done.

We are also seeing many reports that Nikolas Cruz acted out in school, and many of his fellow classmates even admitted that he had issues.

It was obvious to many that Nikolas Cruz needed help.  In addition to simply being a “weird kid” as many of his classmates reported him to be, there is also evidence to show he had a violent past and clearly a violent present.

Many are asking what could have been done to prevent this tragedy and immediately we are being told it was the gun that committed the crime.  This school shooting has cantapulted both David Hogg and Emma Gonzolaz into overnight stardom as they have become the face of the newly minted anti-gun movement. They are even spearheading a rally call the “The March for Our Lives” on March 24th in Washington DC. You can rest assured that march will be nothing more than an anti-Trump protest attended by the likes of black lives matter and antifa.

Nonetheless, we are here to discuss what could have been done to prevent this tragedy and what policies, procedures, or guidelines cold be revised to prevent this from happening again.

During the Obama administration, his education department influenced many school districts around the country to implement specific guidelines referring to how schools are to deal with problem children, how they are to go about disciplining said children, and what the eventual outcome would be.

According to USA Today,

So, the Obama administration issued federal guidance putting school districts on notice that even if their discipline policy was “neutral on its face” and “administered in an evenhanded manner,” they could be subject to a federal civil rights investigation if minorities were suspended at a higher rate. Partly in response to federal pressure, over 50 school districts, serving 6.35 million students, implemented reforms and 27 states revised their laws regarding school discipline.

It’s clear the Obama administration policies have influenced schools throughout the country as to how they develop their disciplinary policies.  This could not have been more eviden in the Broward County Collaborative Agreenment on School Discipline policy outlines below.

As you can see this document that outlines how administrators and teachers are to address how they deal with disruptive and even violent students.  As per these guildelines they are to go our of their way to avoid reporting incidents to law enforcement, incidents that if they had been reported to law enforcement could possibly save lives if violent behavior such as the behavior exhibited by Nikolas Cruz could be averted.

And this is why it is imperative to get the federal government out of our schools.  We have come to a tipping point at which the federal government is essentially holding our schools and our children hostage, they are demanding that schools operate as they see fit in order to receive federal funding.  Many schools around the country have become beholden to this federal funding, without it they simply wouldn’t exist.

It is time people realize the repercussions of letting politicians in Washington DC dictate to local municipalities how they run their school districts.  It is time we end the beaucracy, end the never ending pipeline of tax dollars flooding DC, when all we see in return is demented policies that are putting our children in danger each and every day they head off to school.

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