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The Democrats Are Going Full Socialist

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The only problem with socialism is eventually you run out of other people’s money!

This seems to be a common economic rule that many on the left that literally thrown out the window. Sure it would be great to have free college, it would amazing to have free health care, and even better it utopian to have a secured basic income coming from the powers that be on their pedestals in Washington DC. The only problem is, they just can’t seem to find a solution to that one common problem, what happens when the rich stop paying their “fair share” and leave the country?

What do those on the left intend to do about this? What does the socialist princess Ocasio-Cortez plan to do when those businesses he intends to tax at nearly 30% say we’re not paying that and leave to countries where they can actually operate and turn a profit. A large part of the reason the economy is doing so well under President Trump is because he has slashed taxes and reduced regulations on many businesses and corporations giving them the opportunity to expand and grow. This, in turn, helps to create more jobs resulting in the astronomically low unemployment rate we are currently seeing.

Nonetheless, the Democrats seem to be embracing the socialist mindset as they are beginning to back the 28-year old avowed socialist Ocasio-Cortez and her efforts to destroy everything Donald Trump has done for this country.

Just last night Ocasio-Cortez appears on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and as usual, she was preaching to the choir about how she intended to fund her socialist utopian dream of 100% renewable energy coining the term “The Green New Deal”

While this may sound all fine and great, the main concern is how does she intend to get there?

According to,

After Ocasio-Cortez went through the main things she wants government to pay for, including Medicare for all and education, Noah brought up the more practical side of things.

“You always see people coming in with economic arguments, and they say, look, these numbers don’t really add up,” he argued. “You know, in order to get healthcare for everybody, this is what it would cost. That’s going to be troubling. Even if you reverse the Republican tax deal, that’s only going to make up 5% of what we need to pay for Medicare for all. How do you pay for education- how do you pay for all these ideas?”

Ocasio-Cortez responded first by saying she had “sat down with a Nobel Prize economist last week,” laughing, “I can’t believe I can say that, it’s really weird.”

A meeting with a Nobel Prize economist was likely warranted given that Ocasio-Cortez faced intense criticism for getting basic facts about the unemployment rate wrong in a PBS interview earlier this month. She later tried to walk back her remarks.

It is quite comical that a Nobel Prize-winning economist was actually willing to sit down with this 28-year-old avowed socialist who clearly has no idea how an economy works. One can only hope he thought he would be able to talk some sense into her in an attempt to eat her to realize that socialism just doesn’t work.

Nontheless she continued…

“One of the things that we saw is, if people pay their fair share,” she said, “if corporations and the ultra-wealthy — for example, as Warren Buffett likes to say, if he paid as much as his secretary pays, 15 percent — if he paid a 15 percent tax rate; if corporations paid — if we reverse the tax bill, but raised our corporate tax rate to 28 percent, which is not even as high as it was before, if we do those two things and also close some of those loopholes, that’s $2 trillion right there.”

“That’s $2 trillion in ten years, and it’s — one of the wide estimates is that it’s going to take $3 trillion to $4 trillion to transition us to 100 percent renewable energy economy,” she continued. “So we got $2 trillion from folks paying their fair share, which they were not paying before the Trump tax bill. They weren’t — like they weren’t paying that before the Trump tax bill. If we get people to pay their fair share, that’s $2 trillion in ten years.”

It is clear that the economist that Ocasio-Cortez met with had little effect on her as she still subscribes to the everyone must “pay their fair share” mindset. Pushing the “everyone must pay their fair share” mindset is not the solution, the free market is the solution as we are currently seeing under the Trump administration. The progressive left constantly tries and twist this by demonizing the rich just like we are seeing with Ocasio-Cortez. We can only hope the Democrats continue down the path toward socialism as most in this country realize that perils socialism would place on the people of the United States.

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  1. Jeffrey Liakos July 30th, 2018 at 3:24 pm

    What a shock.


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