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Trump Offers Condolences After Death of Elijah Cummings

Trump Shows Conservatives Can Be Civil

Regardless of which side of the proverbial aisle you are on, it is important that we focus on civility in times like this. An individual’s health and well-being are paramount and we should all be there for one another in a time of need or loss. And our President Donald Trump showed true class posting this tweet offering his heartfelt condolences to a man that has had nothing but vitriol for him.

Of course this tweet, as most tweets President Trump posts, was met with the typical cynicism and sarcasm from many on the left. Their “outrage” and constant hatred for this man knows no bounds. Below are just a few of the many responses to the President’s twitter post.

And that is just a handful of the responses to President Trump’s twitter post offering his condolences following the passing of Congressman Elijah Cummings. This shows the true colors of many on the left, remember this when the next time they try and lecture us on civil discourse and what it means to get along.

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