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Secretary Pompeo to Head Up the "Deep State Department"

Amidst the chaos surrounding the coronavirus, President Trump brought United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to the briefing. This may have had some scratching their heads to just what Sec. Pompeo would have to do with the response to the pandemic we are facing.

The Chess Pieces Are Being Put in Place

It’s clear President Trump has this entire situation under control as he has put in place a team of more than competent individuals to handle the emergency. And with the addition of Mike Pompeo to today’s coronavirus press conference, it is becoming abundantly clear that while Trump is handling the virus, his Secretary of State is handling the deep state.

With the national emergency declaration, President Trump has amassed immense power over national security and the economy, a power that he otherwise wouldn’t have. At the same time, he also has the ability to mobilize the national guard and even restrict travel if deemed necessary. This is why we are seeing Hillary Clinton pop up again in the media and on social media along with other deep state actors.

More is at play here than meets the eye as we are watching countries around the world shutting down their borders thus halting immigration altogether. Furthermore, this stop to immigration is prohibiting those deep state operatives from fleeing the country.

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