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Chuck Todd: “Do You Think There Is Blood on the President’s Hands?”

Chuck Todd and Joe Biden talk coronavirus. NBC

We are all sitting here watching the horrors unfold around the world and in our own backyard as hundreds of thousands of people are sickened by the coronavirus. This crisis is growing exponentially and still the news media clamors on trying their best to undermine President Trump and his administration.

Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste

I have referenced this idea many times as this seems to be the go-to play in the playbook of the left. Every time we endure a crisis the left would rather take advantage of that crisis to either further their power or to take down a Republican who is currently in power. Rham Emanual outlined this idea best in this Wall Street Journal interview.

It is becoming clearer by the day that many in the media, in acedemia, and on the left of the aisle are more obsessed with using this coronavirus crisis to take down our President. The American people be damned, they have an agenda to implement and they will stop at nothing to achieve that goal.

Blood on Trump’s Hands?

This morning on the NBC Meet the Press host Chuck Todd was interviewing Democrat Presidential hopeful Joe Biden. Amidst this interview, Chuck Todd just couldn’t help himself as he posed the question to Joe Biden asking if Trump has blood on his hands referencing the administration’s efforts in combating the virus. We watch as Joe Biden backed away from this question. It seems that even he realized just how monumentally stupid this question was given the severity of the ongoing crisis.

This incendiary question posed by Chuck Todd was met with the appropriate backlash.

As we watch the mishandling of this crisis by the news media it is imperative that we all understand what is really going on. The media is using this crisis to move forward with their anti-Trump agenda and will do so until the upcoming election in November.

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