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Media To Cut Trump Pressers–Approval Rating Soars

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We are in the midst of a pandemic, a crisis the likes of which the United States and the world have never seen. Multiple countries around the world are on complete lockdown as the coronavirus rages on taking thousands of lives. Here at home, we have a commander in chief who has taken the reins and spearheaded an effort to battle the virus throughout the country.

What Has Trump Done?

Since the beginning of this worldwide pandemic, President Trump has been a step ahead of both the news media and many politicians in congress. As the virus ravaged parts of China, Trump immediately halted travel from areas affected by the disease. This move was lauded by Dr. Fauci when he stated that the move halted the early spread of the virus.

While Fauci lauded Trump’s move to halt travel from China, many on the left looked at this through their “racist” colored glasses. They immediately began to chastise the President saying that his travel restrictions were xenophobic. This goes to show how many on the left are all too quick to put their political ideologies above the lives of the American people.

Media Threatens to Stop Airing Trump Press Conferences

The irony here is so thick you could cut it with a knife! Not long ago many in the mainstream news media were clamoring for President Trump to hold more White House press briefings. They were just itching at the chance to get some ill-witted quip out there in yet another sad attempt to trip him up.

Many say there is no such thing as a stupid question, well I implore you to watch one of these press briefings. If you make it all the way through I assure you that you may lose a few IQ points after hearing some of the ridiculous questions posed to the President.

As Trump perfects the art of exposing the media for the frauds they are while informing the American people on the coronavirus pandemic his ratings are skyrocketing.

According to the NY Times,

Since reviving the daily White House briefing — a practice abandoned last year by an administration that bristles at outside scrutiny — Mr. Trump and his coronavirus updates have attracted an average audience of 8.5 million on cable news, roughly the viewership of the season finale of “The Bachelor.”

Trump has taken the microphone and displayed a candor that has clearly won over the majority of the American people amidst this crisis. He has shown he has what it takes to put together a competent team that has handled this crisis far better than many may have thought.

60% of Americans Approve of Trump’s Handling of the Coronavirus

No need to refresh the page, you read that right! Trump’s approval rating regarding how well he and his team are handling this pandemic have soared to 60%. In addition to that, his overall approval rating matches the all time high of 49%.

This is happening as we watch the media seriously contemplate eliminating live coverage of his daily press briefings. After all, they can’t have Trump speaking directly to the American people unfiltered while the press briefing room is sparsely filled. The media just can’t come to grips with the fact that they are on a level playing field with President Trump.

Not only is President Trump’s approval rating remaining consistently strong among his base, Trump is beginning to win over the hearts and minds of many independent voters as well as some democrats too. The question has been posed by many, what would be the defining moment or unfortunate crisis that would define the Trump presidency. I think we are watching it unfold in real-time.

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