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Obama White Houe Photographer Deletes Twitter Account After Posting “F*ck You” to POTUS

Cursing at our President seems to have taken on a mind of its own among the deranged individuals on the left. Throughout various social media sites, you will see celebrities, politicians, and your everyday keyboard jockey leverage hateful rhetoric towards our President all in an effort to get retweets, shares, and likes.

Rashida Tlaib: “Impeach this mother-f*cker”

In case you were questioning the validity of the claim that those in congress are leveraging curse ridden rhetoric at our President look no further than that pathetic Rashida Tlaib…

This pathetic tirade was lauded by many in the mainstream media. Tlaib went on to say she will stop at nothing to speak truth to power and therein lies the hypocrisy. Tlaib and her friends claim to be speaking truth to power when in reality they are the power-hungry ones who are stopping at nothing in their quest to destroy the Consitution and in effect “fundamentally transform” our great nation into a socialist hell hole like what you see in Venezuela.

Souza, Obama White House Photographer Deletes Twitter Account

This is typical behavior by many on the left when they are called out on their deranged behavior.

As you can see the triggered Souza just couldn’t hold back and had to curse out our President despite the fact that he’s in the middle of handling a pandemic. A pandemic that could have likely been mitigated had the prior administration prepared better for this unfolding crisis that is currently unfolding.

Nonetheless, what I like to call Trump derangement syndrome knows no bounds. And it is clear there are many afflicted with this disorder as you can see the number of likes this tweet receives.

In fact, the blue checkmark brigade just couldn’t help themselves. As they had to jump at the chance to chime in on this repugnant tweet.

H/T Gateway Pundit

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