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ABC News Anchor Prayer Shames VP Pence [VIDEO]

Vice President Mike Pence meets with the President’s Coronavirus Taskforce Wednesday, February 26, 2020, in his West Wing Office of the White House. | Official White House photo by D. Myles Cullen

At a time in our country’s history when we need God more than ever, we watch as the mainstream media continues to shame those who are open about their faith. Rather than come together and pray for our leaders, pray for God to help bring us through this crisis—many stop at nothing to make a mockery out of believers.

Look no further than the recent ABC News interview between a Night Line anchor and Vice President Mike Pence. In this interview, he has the audacity to question whether or not the Vice President, while he prays, worries about those who have died and will die as a perceived result of the inactions of government at the federal level.

The attacks on religion and religious institutions as a whole don’t stop here. We are watching as mainstream media outlets throughout the country are focusing heavily on shutting down churches altogether.

In fact, the mayor of NYC has even gone as far as to threaten individuals and pastors with arrest if they defy the orders not to hold services. To make matters even worse, the veiled threats extend to possible permanent closures of religious gathering places should they disobey the government.

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