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Bill Gates Calls Out Trump for Suspending Aid to the WHO

Could the effects the coronavirus has had on the world economy have been mitigated? Many say yes and the organization to blame for not getting out in front of this pandemic is the World Health Organization otherwise known as the “WHO”.

Since the beginning of the outbreak in China, there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the efforts made by the WHO to isolate the virus to the city of Wuhan where it all started. The WHO even went as far as to post this to their Twitter account back on January 14th!

The condemnation of Trump by the WHO started at the very beginning of the outbreak when they denounced the travel restrictions imposed to help protect the American citizens. Furthermore, they have given the appearance of erring on the side of China throughout this pandemic.

Why Does Bill Gates Care About the Coronavirus?

As a result of the mishaps of the WHO and the very real possibility they could have blood on their own hands concerning the spread of the coronavirus, President Trump has decided to withhold funding from the organization amid review. This has been met with skepticism by many including the billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates.

It’s important to question just why Bill Gates is taking such a leading role in condemning the President’s actions. There is speculation that The Gates Foundation is pushing for a vaccine that could be made mandatory to the general population of the United States.

This poses grave civil liberties questions especially considering the ideas being tossed around when it comes to tracking those who have received the vaccine and those who either have not received it or refuse to receive it all together.

China Tracking Citizens via Government App

Just in case you think this perceived possibility that the government could exploit this COVID crisis to track the citizenry is some “conspiracy theory” look no further than what is playing out in the city of Wuhan. As those living within the epicenter of where the coronavirus pandemic began to try and get back to some semblance of normalcy, the government has stepped in a large way to try and keep the pandemic at bay.

To do this they have devised an app people must use if they decide to leave the city. This app features a color-coded barcode that allegedly states whether or not they have had the virus and or whether or not they pose a threat to others. While this may sound like a great idea, I assure you there is more to it than just checking to see if someone has had the virus.

According to the NY Times,

But a New York Times analysis of the software’s code found that the system does more than decide in real-time whether someone poses a contagion risk. It also appears to share information with the police, setting a template for new forms of automated social control that could persist long after the epidemic subsides.

It is imperative that we as citizens of a free republic remain skeptical of everything the government does amidst this pandemic. As we attempt to regain some semblance of normalcy it is up to us to ensure that our constitutional rights remain intact and the freedoms we all cherish aren’t violated.

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