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Is It Selfish to Question the Government Amidst the COVID19 Pandemic?

As we head into the abyss moving full steam ahead into week 4 of the coronavirus pandemic lock down the list of unknowns continues to pile up. When will the economy begin to reopen? When will schools reopen—if they reopen at all? Will we ever get back to life as we knew it before this horrible pandemic struck the world?

While those are common questions all of us have, there are some of us who question things at a deeper level. Where did the coronavirus begin? How did it get here and were the proper measures taken to mitigate the threat in the beginning? Why did states like NY and NJ constantly complain they didn’t have the resources while blaming the federal government for their ineptitude. Are we being given accurate information as to the number of cases and the number of people who have succumb to the virus?

These are the questions that those of us who are looking at this pandemic from a logical perspective as opposed to letting our emotions get the best of us. Mind you I am by no means saying the virus isn’t real. I am not claiming that people aren’t dying and I assure you I have the utmost sympathy for those who are suffering as a result of this horrible outbreak.

As a matter of fact, my own mother contracted COVID19. My mother is 72 years old and was admitted to the hospital last week when I was no longer able to get in touch with her. After a wellness check, it was determined she was somewhat incoherent and taken to the emergency room to get checked out.

Upon arrival, she was given a battery of tests from which they saw what appeared to be pneumonia in her lungs. At that point, they tested her for the virus and the test came back positive. She was then given the drug hydroxychloroquine and thankfully she’s on the road to recovery. Despite this, she is still being kept in a rehab facility and I am unable to see her or speak with her.

I’m sure there are thousands of you in the same predicament I am in right now with my own mother. Therefore, I can assure you my questioning various aspects of what is going on surrounding the coronavirus doesn’t mean I don’t have compassion for those who are suffering.

To the contrary, those of us who are suffering as we watch our loved ones deal with this virus should be the first ones to question the narrative. Is it possible that our loved ones are dealing with a virus that came about as a medical project gone astray at a virology lab in Wuhan China? Is it possible that the scarcity of medical supplies is a direct result of the lack of prepardeness at a state and local level? Could more lives have been saved if local authorities been better prepared to deal with a crisis like this?

Asking questions like this doesn’t mean you don’t have a heart, it means you care even more because you want to get to the bottom of what caused all of this pain and suffering. We deserve to know the truth as to who is responsible for the outbreak, how it got started, what could have been done differently (at every level not just the federal level), and how do we prevent another outbreak. The truth will set us free—however the cure cannot be worse than the disease.

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