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Mosque Prayers Continue During Lock Down

Mosque prayers continue while churches were shuttered around the country—it appears the same standard didn’t apply for this New York mosque!

Democrats and many on the left were all giddy at the chance to shutter Easter church services using the coronavirus as their scapegoat. In fact NYC mayor Bill DeBlasio even went as far as to threaten churches that refused to comply.

These veiled threats included fines and the potential that the building would be permanently shut down. The mayor claims to understand just how important faith is to the people of the city while issuing these draconian measures.

Many congregations adapted to the proposed social distancing guidelines and resorted to drive in services. This allowed people to remain at a safe distance from one another while in their cars.

The strong arm of the law came down on these peaceful individuals gathered in the name of the Lord. Furthermore, they went as far as to say their rights were suspended.

Mosque Continues Holding Daily Prayers

A mosque in Syracuse has continued holding daily prayers despite the obvious government restrictions. While churches have been shuttered prayers continued in this particular mosque.

This mosque has shown blatant disregard for the “executive orders” put in place so where are the police raids? Is it possible that these worshipers are exempt simply because some may not want to be referred to as “islamophobic”.

This prayer service is taking place in the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak—NY where they have suffered more than 18,000 deaths. If religious services are such a threat to public health and safety why was this allowed to go on? Not to mention the fact that these individuals clearly aren’t abiding by social distancing guidelines.

This begs the question, why isn’t law enforcement enforcing the law equally? Will these worshipers be held to the same standard that applied to those who attended the drive-in Easter church service?

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