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COVID19 Pandemic Drones Are Watching!

Big brother is watching all in the name of ensuring you are following the government-mandated social distancing guidelines. Not only are they watching to enforce social distancing guidelines—these drones are also able to display fever/temperature, heart and respiratory rate, and detect people coughing and sneezing in crowds.

This is all taking place in the town of Westport Connecticut. Local authorities are claiming the drones are being used to help mitigate the spread of coronavirus. While this may sound like a logical means to protect the people, there are huge privacy concerns that must be taken into consideration. One can rest assured these drones may one day be used for more than tracking social distancing and detecting those who are sick.

Each of these high power drones has the capability to not only track someone’s movements, but it also provides a full biometric reading to whoever is behind the controls. Many see this as nothing more than the powers that be looking out for our well being. Other more constitutionally minded individuals see this as a grave infringement on our rights. The possible long term ramifications of this type of surveillance by the government could have serious consequences.

Democrats Never Let a Crisis Go To Waste

Democrats have long stood by the idea that a crisis is a perfect thing to exploit to further their agenda. The coronavirus pandemic is no different. We are watching as local governments around the country are overstepping their bounds infringing on the constitutional rights of many Americans. Take for example a police raid on an Easter church service and the elimination of our right to protest.

Former Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel put it best.

Keep this in mind as we watch our civil liberties and constitutional rights slowly erode right before our eyes. All of this is being done under the guise that the government has your best interests at heart.

These draconian measures are now being taken to a new level as drones take to the skies to monitor and track the people of this country. One has to ask, is this still America, or are we slowly beginning to look more like communist China?

We Are Becoming Communist China

The debate rages on over how to get the country back up and running again. President Trump sparred with governors over who had the right to reopen localities. Municipalities and local governments throughout the country begin to toss around some of the same approaches China has taken in reopening their country.

The implementation of drones used to monitor the citizenry is exactly what played out in communist China. When faced with the dilemma of whether or not we should be doing that here—some citizens are actually willing to accept that level of government monitoring. Despite the fact that this is a direct infringement on our Fourth Amendment right. The ability for these drones to not only view us but to take note of our biometric properties is something that should concern every single red-blooded American citizen.

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