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AOC: Say No To Going Back To Work

As President Trump speaks about getting people back to work socialists everywhere are trying as best they can to keep us locked up in our homes.

This trial run of socialism is just what many socialists like AOC want. Locked in their homes many people have no other option than to rely on the government for their well being. Couple the unemployment payments with the additional $600 from the government and many are making more than they do at their day job.

Keeping the Citizenry on the Government Dole

In this video, the self-proclaimed socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez allegedly quotes President Trump speaking about liberating society. In this quote, the President equates liberation to going back to work. Any hard-working American would understand this quote.

And then you have the likes of AOC who represents the millennial generation of today. A generation brainwashed to believe that going back to work is the opposite of being liberated. They would rather you be a slave to government than have the freedom to pave your own path. One of the things that makes America unique is the ability to choose what you want to do for a living. That alone goes against everything the Democrat party of today stands for.

Not Going Back to Working 70 Hour Weeks

As AOC so eloquently put it—we’re not going back to working 70 hours a week. First off most people aren’t working 70 hour work weeks and those that are reap the rewards for it. This is what makes America so much greater than other countries around the world. The opportunities are endless so long as one wants to put in the work.

Diametrically opposed to capitalism, Democrats would rather we are subjects of government. They would be more than happy to rule over the masses where each individual is nothing more than a number with a government-appointed job.

This is what AOC is referring to when she says people shouldn’t be going back to work. Her and her Democrat friends would rather we remain locked in our homes completely reliant on government. Upon transitioning out of lockdown they would rather we remain subservient to government going forward. After all, they actually believe they have our best interest at heart.

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