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Twitter to Censor 5G “Conspiracy Theory” Posts

Amidst the coronavirus outbreak, many social media outlets including Twitter have done “their part” to help quell the flow of “fake news”. The term fake news is obviously subjective as many of the censored articles provide thought-provoking insight. There is widespread speculation that 5G networks and the health hazards they pose could have detrimental effects to people’s health and well-being.

One can’t help but wonder if they are simply trying to keep people from questioning what is really going on. This censorship battle has now spilled over into what has become known as the 5G conspiracy theories surrounding the coronavirus pandemic.

Debunking the “Conspiracy Theory”

Conspiracy theory is a term that many use to simply discount an idea they disagree with. However, most conspiracy theories are based typically based in some reality. Many in the news media are distorting the claims over 5G cell phone networks and coronavirus. They are alleging that people are claiming 5G itself is spreading the coronavirus which isn’t the case at all.

In this case, the idea that 5G cell phone networks could be actually spreading coronavirus is indeed far fetched, but the idea that 5G cell phone networks could be contributing to the spread of disease isn’t. This is how the news media works—they claim to be all about science but when the actual science doesn’t fit the narrative they deem it a “conspiracy theory”.

The actual science behind 5G techonlogy and the affect it has on the human body is far from settled. This technology uses shorter wave frequencies requiring a greater number of antennas. Thus putting the antennas closer to people exposing them to more dense radio waves. We do not know the effects this has on the population and on people’s immune systems. The correlation between 5G technology and coronavirus is such that the prevalence of this technology could actually be making people more susceptible to getting diseases like COVID19.

In fact, it’s the distorted narrative that could be causing people to target 5G cell towers. Throughout Britain, protesters have been vandalizing 5G cell towers claiming they are spreading the virus. Could it be the distorted narrative by the news media that is bringing about such violence? Maybe if the actual science of 5G technology is brought to light people would realize the very real possibility that this technology could actually pose a real threat to our health and well being.

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