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Joe Biden: We Need to Establish “Economic Intercourse”

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It’s just Joe being Joe as he explains what we need is economic intercourse. The debate rages on about how and when we can reopen the country. What we need now is some input from Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden. Fill us in Joe on how you would reopen the country if you were President.

The United States be damned, Joe is more concerned with “economic intercourse” with other nations. Rather than focus on small businesses he’s concerned with travel bans. He blathers on about how we need to be much more “engaged in the world”. We “cannot step back”—if we solve the problem here it’s just not enough.

As with most Democrats, we have to solve the problem for the rest of the world too. After all, it’s “economic intercourse” at stake here and if we don’t solve the problems of the world there may be no nation left to have intercourse with.

These remarks come just days after the fake news media misinterpreted President Trump’s comments about disinfectants. They blatantly took him out of context in an insane effort to say he condoned injecting oneself with chemicals like bleach. This couldn’t have been further from the truth—but the truth doesn’t matter to the mainstream media.

The question is, will that same media run with these comments out by Joe Biden? Just as they have ignored the sex assault allegations against him by Tara Reade we can rest assured his incompetence when it comes to devising a plan to reopen the country will be overlooked as well.

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